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Campaign Signs, Business Card Printing & More from High Country Signs!

As a premier sign maker based in Lakeside, Arizona, High Country Signs provides custom services in creating all types of outdoor signage, campaign signs and other digital printing products that include sports and vehicle decals. Whatever you design and however you dream of printing it, we want to work with you!

Our selection of digitally printed products includes:

Customers identify us as one of the most reliable makers for Lakeside signs and graphics. We also provide these products for businesses located nationally. As a one-stop-shop for digital printing, our services include making everything from specialty signs and banners to heavy duty, vinyl multi-color pennant to custom business card printing. For each of these project sign products, we work closely with a professional or business to create and print exactly as specified.

Learn more about High Country Signs and our services by contacting our office. We will be glad to hear from you!


  • Specialty Signs, Business Cards, Pennants, Flags.
  • Tabletop Signs work for trade shows, Front office eye catchers or outdoor use.
  • Any type business cards. We can take any sign and layout make it into your business cards.
  • Custom License Plates. Aluminum with printed image.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Multi Color Pennants. For Outdoor use.
  • Printed Decal Stickers.
  • Formed Plastic Letters. Custom Designs. We do Installations.

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