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Metal or aluminum is known as a sturdy material to attach a digital image to. The common size and shape of these types of signs are usually known as a more durable yard sign for businesses. Like the other types of signage High Country Signs creates, our custom metal signs can promote your business effectively. Whether you want custom metal signs or the aluminum variant, we guarantee that we will deliver results that match or even exceed your expectations.

Our metal wall signs come in different set sizes but all will fit within a metal ‘H’ frame that stakes into the ground. Sign specifications will need to be discussed with our team for a customized metal signs lakeside and other digital printing service orders. We believe in providing our customers with a quality product for a great value. For more details, call us today at 928-368-4343.


  • “Custom Metal or Aluminum Signs, Any Size you need.”
  • 18 x 24″ Metal Signs
  • For any need to draw the public’s eye, an 18 X 24″ Metal Sign is the most common size people use to do a little advertisement. Fits inside a Metal “H” Frame which stakes into the ground, commonly known as a Yard Sign.
  • Metal Signs
    1. 12 X 18″
    2. 18 X 24″
    3. 24 X 36″
    4. 24 X 48″
    5. 36 X 48″
    6. 36 X 48″
    7. 48 X 48″
    8. 48 x 96″
  • Stock Items
    1. Street Signs
    2. Saftey Signs
    3. Metal Frames
    4. Stock Metal Blanks

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Product Information

We use 24 gauge steel sheet metal with a baked on white enamel finish on both sides. You can also order Aluminum Signs in various thicknesses.

  1. .040 thin
  2. .063 medium
  3. .080 ADOT Grade

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