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Coroplast Signs in Lakeside AZ – Excellent Option to Boost a Business!

The lightweight and cost-effectiveness of coraplast yard signs are another excellent option to boost the curb appeal of a business establishment. These temporary types of signage are designed and created in the same meticulous fashion as our other products. Overall, they provide an effective but inexpensive way to direct traffic to a business, event or location.

At High Country Signs, we have offered several sizes of coraplast signs Lakeside businesses and professionals have appreciated having available to them. These same signs are available to order for our national customers; we will ship them directly to you. Please contact us directly for information on color, 1 or 2 sided options, custom designs and special offers on larger quantities.


  • Temporary Plastic Signs, the least expensive way to direct your customers.
  • Special : 100 Signs for only $2.25 each! *1 color, 1 side (8 x12)
  • Coroplast Signs
    1. 6 x 24″
    2. 9 x 24″
    3. 12 x 24″
    4. 18 x 24″
    5. 24 x 36″
  • Realtor Special : 100 Name Riders $3.50 each
    1. 6 x 24″ Name Riders / 2 sided
    2. 1 Color Design
    3. 2 lines of copy / Name & Phone #
  • Split Cost between 2 realtors : 50 each Same Color = Same Price
  • Coroplast Items
    1. Wireframe Stands
    2. Corrugated Plastic
    3. Stock Size Blanks

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